Our Solutions

  • Managed Remote Solutions

    How it works

    Zver provides Remote Machine Monitoring services to keep all the active directory (if there is any) and data exchange under control within the company’s working environment. This service allows our customers to have their devices, software, and access to the company’s systems fully managed, monitored, and therefore protected.

    Alongside the ultimate control and management over the sensitive data, we monitor the system’s vulnerabilities and, in the event of threat detection, we set up cybersecurity solutions for all the devices requiring it. We will take care of essential software installation for all the company’s devices and ensure a proper level of access control, providing turnkey solutions where customers get everything fully set up, managed, and automated by our cyber professionals.

  • Email Security

    How it works

    Our Email Security strategy lies in a Secure Email Gateway product that scans the mail for potential and existing security threats. Based on broad bases of various signatures, the add-on software analyzes the domain and the content of emails for potential risks.

    Once malicious content gets detected, the add-on notifies our customers right in their inbox, suggesting possible solutions for eliminating the threat and keeping their data safe. If the scanned emails are safe, the software gives the green light to the containing links and attachments.

  • Data Security

    How it works

    Our Data Security services imply regular, automated, and fully tested and controlled backups of essential data. Utilizing cloud solutions with extensive and safe data centers, we set up and manage the data backup regimen for our customers. All the sensitive information related to active directory components such as logins, users, company users’ settings, sensitive customer data, and servers is being fully backed up on a regular basis.

    As the sensitive data changes and expands, Zver performs incremental backups that update the previous backups with new information. We set up the backup regimen for each company manually while constantly monitoring and testing each backup’s performance. If some of the data is transferred to the backup point incorrectly, we reset the backup to ensure its integrity. In this way, our customers have their crucial information stored in a safe and well-monitored environment.

  • Network Security

    How it works

    Zver provides the ultimate, all-embracing monitoring Security Event Management practices that shield companies’ networks from being exposed and exploited by malicious agents. Zver controls access to the network, monitors traffic to spot attacks in progress, and adjusts the company security systems based on the security investigations. We analyze and monitor anything from the user authentication history to the top domains used within a network.

    The comprehensive analysis also involves evaluation of all the network components: as soon as we analyze the performance-related data, we wrap it up in reports and send it to our customers. Our reporting system is meant to provide a clear understanding of their infrastructure’s productive capacity. On top of that, our managed network security services are intended to safely remove all the temporary files, detect any suspicious or abnormal activity, and prevent it from affecting sensitive data. We ensure a proper firewall setup to minimize attacks against the DNS protocols and supervise the entire infrastructure to find and fix vulnerabilities.

  • Endpoint Security

    How it works

    Zver offers a comprehensive set of Endpoint Security solutions that involve specialized antivirus software designed to protect all your company’s devices. This software monitors the overall performance of each device automatically, following the schedule established based on your business needs and custom parameters.

    At the same time, this solution keeps track of all the existing and potential cyber threats, as well as detects malicious activity, and blocks phishing sources. Whenever a suspicious activity enters the system, the software immediately detects the device that has been under a threat and quickly responds to it.