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Protect your business by taking a comprehensive approach to managing your data and infrastructure. Secure data, safe emails, protected endpoints, compliant network and smartly running cloud resources –– all at your disposal, managed by us for your business.

Become proactive, own your data, and stay compliant with Zver.

Smart Cloud Management

As using cloud computing allows for better management of IT resources and infrastructures, Zver helps businesses get the most of their digital environments and benefit from the cloud to the fullest extent.


  • Gain flexibility & focus on core objectives
  • Allocate IT resources smartly
  • Monitor multi-cloud data

Network Security

A company’s network has many moving parts, where each one may become a vulnerability. Zver provides an extensive overview of network performance, helping businesses set up and manage their firewalls to reveal their full potential.
Keep an eye on all the data and IT resources interactions that take place within the network.


  • Reduce network latency
  • Enhance existing firewall
  • Easily monitor the entire network

Endpoint Security

Endpoint protection takes an integral part in network security. Anything from smartphones, desktops, and laptops to tablets, servers, IoT devices, and workstations connected to a company’s network has access to its data.

Each of the devices may serve as a portal to sensitive information, Zver provides a complete set of endpoint security practices. Take a thorough approach to the way your data is accessed and transmitted.


  • Secure all access points
  • Monitor external connections
  • Detect & strengthen weak endpoints

Email Security

Email was designed to be as open as possible. As a result, it has become an easy target for cybercriminals. While allowing people to easily communicate within an organization, emails may contain malicious links or involve phishing attacks that may compromise business data.

Zver makes emails secure. Don’t let intruders reach important files and information: get notified of any suspicious email and fully protect your inbox from scams.


  • Shield confidential information
  • Keep your inbox malware-free
  • Avoid identity theft

Data Backup

Any data stored on a network must be protected using a backup protocol. Once lost, stolen, or compromised, important data may turn out to be unrestorable without a backup system.

Zver follows an intelligent backup protocol: capture sensitive information in its original state and store it in a separate environment to always be able to revive your data at any time.


  • Stay ahead of technology fails
  • Eliminate human factor
  • Have original data accessible & uncompromised