Curated Cloud Management for Business Growth

Take a proactive approach to your data integrity and security with a comprehensive cloud management solution designed for companies operating in digital environments


Who We Are

Zver is a curated cloud service provider created to shield business data from every channel possible and enhance them with an intelligent cloud management system. Be it network, app, or cloud, we take a proactive approach to protecting and managing sensitive information, eliminating data threats that may affect our customers’ reputation.


Data Protection and Beyond

When we launched Zver, the core focus of our company was email protection. Having experienced the impact of poor cloud security, we realized that there's no room for compromise when it comes to personal and corporate data.

Now, Zver provides the ultimate spectrum of curated cloud services and serves as a cloud-based data guard that defends companies and helps them thrive by preventing digital threats. We follow an advanced preventive monitoring strategy for the entire customer network, their users, and endpoints, offering smart cloud backup and secure storage.

It all starts with secure data

One mistake may cost your business everything. Zver stands for complete digital vigilance - our curated cloud solutions are designed to prevent and stop threats before they become accidents.

Proactive vision

With the many advantages of digitally-automated processes, there are quite as many risks of reputation compromise and data theft.

In 2018, companies experienced over 30 million cyber-attacks annually. As business owners ourselves, we know the value of properly secured and maintained data.

Currently, we strive to increase cyber awareness in modern businesses through smart cloud management. The goal is to not just enable companies to detect and respond to digital attacks wisely; it’s about eliminating threats in the bud with a properly organized cloud computing strategy.